Date Artist Event Location City
11.02.23 Joran van Pol PUNT. Oosterbar Amsterdam
24.02.23 Joran van Pol Techno Kube Westerunie Amsterdam
03.03.23 Joran van Pol Cirque Mystique Taets Zaandam
01.04.23 Tahko Het Sieraad Het Sieraad Amsterdam
13.05.23 Joran van Pol Het Sieraad Het Sieraad Amsterdam
08.07.23 Joran van Pol Ostend Beach Festival Oostende Belgie

About Extract Management

Extract [ɛksˈtrɑkt]:
" A substance made by extracting a part of a raw material, often by using a solvent such as ethanol or water"


Although we don't use ethanol or water, this is what we do. With our artists focussed view on career development, we create a vision, a strategy and provide complete guidance from beginning to end, extracting the true talent of our artists.

Extract Management is a full service artist & music management company based in Amsterdam.

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